Terminating a Marital Union Through Divorce


Marriage involves vows to live together for a lifetime. However, some cases come to an end. Some married couples decide to cut the union. In this case, reasons can vary why they file for a divorce. It may be a sad event, but for the people involved, there must be a profound reason.

The Divorce Law

This article includes information about divorce law and potential reasons why couples end their marriage. In general, the need to undergo this legal process is always an upsetting event. Aside from that, the people involved are full of various emotions. That includes pain, disappointment, loss of dreams, and broken expectations.

Meanwhile, the whole process of divorce always takes time. Furthermore, the couples involve can face challenges, such as legal, financial, parental, and emotional. They will need enough time, energy and have changes in their responsibilities. Given this point, both parties must be ready to handle all of these aspects.

In this case, both sides need to hire a lawyer to assist them as the procedure takes place. They have to select an attorney to whom they can feel free to share their life, especially the reason behind the divorce. This way, they can have someone to look after the legal process.

Generally speaking, the most common type is an absolute divorce. The judge will issue the judgment of absolute divorce. In this case, this decision will dissolve the marriage altogether. The divorce law is active in managing couples who have concrete grounds to end the marriage permanently.

Common Causes of Divorce

As mentioned earlier, people vary in reasons behind filing for a divorce. The law will base the final order with what both sides will tell on the court as the process moves forward. Aside from that, the order will depend on the grounds each side will reveal. Here are the reasons behind filed divorces:

Lack of Commitment

Love can fade, but commitment does not. Even if you find reasons not to love a person, you will choose to stay. In this case, the reason behind this is commitment, wherein you put your spouse first. However, the lack of it can ruin your marriage. The couple often ends in divorce if only one spouse puts effort into the marriage to make it work.

Abusive Marriage

An instance of domestic violence can be behind the need for a divorce. A spouse is likely experiencing verbal, physical, or emotional abuse. In this case, a domestic assault attorney has a vital role. This lawyer can help the victims defend themselves. This kind of marriage is quite heavy to handle.

Infidelity or Extramarital Affairs

This reason involves a spouse being unfaithful, engaging in sexual or romantic relations with another person. Some spouses forgive, but others cannot. For the latter, they are likely to file for a divorce, especially after catching their partner’s infidelity in the act. It is quite a heartbreaking scenario for the affected spouse.

Financial Problems

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Money issues can also put an end to a marriage. Aspects like secret bank accounts, undisclosed debt, and hidden purchases can ruin a marriage. In this case, couples choose to cut even after sitting down and discussing these money issues. Money may be petty for you, but it is not for the people in the picture.


Another reason for divorce is finding each other’s differences. Some couples can’t handle their distinct beliefs, values, or morals. For this reason, they end up calling off the marriage for good. Besides, some conflicts may fall out of the levels they can manage.

Lack of Intimacy

Being intimate is one of the ways to maintain a strong bond among couples. Quality time plays a crucial role in making the marriage grow. However, it is a huge concern when intimacy stops. Time spent together will become dull, and worse, lead to divorce.

Both sides will spend time, money, emotions, and hardships while the divorce process is ongoing. It is an inevitable fact that they have to face at this point. However, it is not the heaviest part of the divorce process. You can see them next to this paragraph.

The Hardest Parts of Getting Divorced

One of the difficult parts of getting a divorce is having children between the couple. Aside from that, children are the ones to suffer. It can affect their personality because the situation is too much to handle. In general, a divorce breaks the household, but parents have to assure their children that they both love them.

It may take time to heal after a divorce, and it will require courage to continue with life after ending a marriage you both vowed to treasure forever.

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