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Many people assume that you only need a lawyer if you’re in trouble. However, many people seek legal help for all sorts of reasons. Businesses routinely retain the services of a lawyer to draft contracts, comply with state and federal laws, file patents, and represent them in disputes. Regular people hire a lawyer when they buy a house, plan their estate, among other things. There’s no disputing that lawyers are a necessary fact of life.

There are many kinds of lawyers for all sorts of situations. There are Uber accident attorneys in Los Angeles, financial lawyers in New York, and real estate attorneys in Miami. The list goes on. Here are some of the most common reasons why people hire a lawyer:

1. To protect the business

Entire sections of the legal profession are dedicated to business concerns. Almost every facet of starting and running a business requires lawyers, such as incorporation, writing contracts for employees and suppliers, drafting statements, and so on. They might also need help in cases of dispute with employees, customers, or other businesses.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you will need a lot of help to start your business, and some of that help will come from lawyers. You might have questions about your tax, permit issues, or the structure of your business. They’ll also give you templates of contracts for all sorts of arrangements.

2. To plan their estate

One of the most common reasons why people need a lawyer is to plan their estate. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a high net worth to plan your estate. People from all walks of life hire a lawyer to prepare for what happens after they die.

As you grow old, you probably want to have a concrete plan in place for distributing your assets to your loved ones when you pass on. You want to make sure that your wealth will go to the right hands when you’re gone. Depending on state laws, if you die without a plan, your assets will go through the default process of disposition. Your beneficiaries stand to lose a lot if that happens.

3. To settle family issues

Family law problems are a common reason why people hire a lawyer. Marriages break down. Paternity needs to be established. Parents pass on, and the new guardian of the children needs to be decided. Or an existing divorce agreement needs to be amended. Maybe someone wants more visitation rights, or child support has to be increased. Family law deals with some of the most stressful situations a person might face. The lawyer’s job is to represent their interests and work towards a favorable outcome.

4. To receive compensation after an accident

Accident lawyer

People get hurt all the time. Injuries from accidents and negligence fall under civil law while intentional acts fall under criminal law. If someone gets hurt, fault has to be established and a settlement reached.

Let’s say you’re in an Uber ride on your way to work when the driver hits another car, and you get injured in the accident. In that case, you’d need an Uber accident attorney to help you receive a favorable settlement for your hospital bills, lost wages, and emotional distress.

The law is extremely complicated, and navigating the legal system alone is impossible without help.

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