After Divorce: Ways You Can Still Be a Good Dad


If you are a dad, your main role is not only to protect your family from harm and danger. You are not merely there for economic support. You are your kid’s male role model in many ways and offer emotional support different from their mother’s. But what happens once you and your spouse decide to divorce?

Like any good father, you’d want to be granted visitation rights if you fail to get custody of the kids. This is why hiring one of the best child custody lawyers in Santa Fe becomes a must. They can help you ensure your kids’ best interest will always be a priority during the trial.

But many divorced parents feel that they fail their kids for not being able to provide them with a complete, happy family. It is important to realize that even if you and their mother are now divorced, you can still be a good dad for them.

Be present as often as you can be

You may have a busy work schedule and have recently started dating, but you are still their father. They deserve your presence, love, and support, no matter how old they get. So make sure you spend quality time with them and find ways to be present even if you and your kids are far away from each other. Make them feel that they are still your top priority and that they have your undivided attention when you are with them.

Make your kids comfortable with the new living arrangements

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Even if you did not get full custody of your children, know that they still “live” with you even if it is just for a few days each week. So make sure to make them as comfortable as possible with your new home. It would be best to find a new home nearby and give them their own room. Allow them to decorate as they like. But make sure you also set some ground rules.

Never break any promises you make

Many children of divorced families are often disappointed with their parents. Some fail to commit to their planned outings, while others break the trust of their children. Now is not the time to cancel your dates, skip a day of visitation, or leave an outing early just to take care of important matters. Be consistent with your promises and always commit to whatever engagement you have with your kids.

Don’t introduce a new partner to your kids just yet

You may have finalized the divorce and have recently started dating. But introducing a new partner to your children can be a complicated task. As much as possible, refrain from making any introductions, especially if you are not yet in a serious relationship. You’d want to keep your focus on your kids when you’re together. You don’t want them needing to adapt to yet another serious matter while they are still trying to cope with their new situation.

Just because you and your spouse decided to split does not mean that you can no longer be a good dad to your kids. There are lots of other things you can do to show that you care even if you have new arrangements to follow.

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