What Information You Need for an Elderly Abuse Case


When you suspect elderly abuse, whether it is in the hands of a relative, caregiver, or a nursing home, you should visit an elder abuse attorney. You will need to prove the elderly person is dependent and is being abused, as described in the video. The abuse may be physical, emotional, or financial.

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An elder abuse attorney may have access to vital evidence.

Some of the information that may prove elderly abuse includes signs of suffering, such as weight loss, unexplained withdrawals from the bank, and hospital visits due to suspected abuse. Unfortunately, you may be the only one suspecting abuse. Even the abused may not acknowledge it is happening. It may be up to you to collect the evidence to prove the abuse.

If you notice physical injuries, take photos whenever you can. It may be bruising, or even broken bones. Some of this evidence may be written off as accidental falls, but it can also be evidence especially if it is backed with more information. Ask your loved one about the cause of the injury, and record it. You should also record what the caregiver says because this may build your case with an elder abuse attorney.

Evidence of elderly abuse is not specific, and the burden of proof is on you, the complainant. Collecting evidence is the best way to prove abuse and get justice. An elderly abuse attorney will help you investigate the claim, remove your loved one from the abuser, and seek compensation.


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