Beyond Your Control: Situations Where You Have to Pass Authority to Others


Having control over the things in your life can be a satisfying feeling. Knowing that you are pulling strings and not letting others dictate how you live your life are some things that most people can only wish to have. It will require a lot of work and investment in yourself, but you will find that it will be a satisfying experience once you are in the driver’s seat of your life. However, it does not mean that it will always stay that way. Writing your destiny or taking life into your own hands will be ideal, but there are many scenarios where it might not be possible. This situation happens many times in people’s careers as business owners. Should you find yourself in these scenarios, you should consider passing on the authority to others.

When You Lack the Knowledge and Skills

People’s careers are defined not by their knowledge and skills but by the improvement and growth they show when under pressure. You will do your best to ensure that you acquire those, showing your doubters that you can exceed their expectations and perform the job. Fortunately, you will still be in control of your growth. It will be necessary to secure all the tools and devices to ensure that you can handle the task given to you. However, you might not reach it at the time that others expect from you. Deadlines are critical in the professional business world, and your control over the situation could cause costly delays or errors. The situation calls for immediate action, even if it is at your expense. You will have more time to work on the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your goals, but you will have to give way if it starts to put your business or your company in jeopardy.

When Someone Is Better than You

Besides working on the personality, business owners must remember that starting a venture requires the necessary expertise. It will not be ideal for people to invest in a costly event without preparations, especially when they know that they have to do everything by themselves during the start. Acquiring permits, creating a business plan, and running multiple departments all at the same time will show you how hectic it is to run a company.

Fortunately, you can hire a few employees to ensure that you get things done. However, business owners tend to micromanage because they are reluctant to hand over the duties to strangers despite the interview and screening processes they underwent. While it might be good for your mental well-being to be in control of everything happening in your business, you might end up holding your employees back. Their performance and expertise can contribute to your company’s growth and development if given free rein. You will also find that the move can be beneficial for you, allowing you to focus your energy on the core business matters rather than being all over the place. Knowing that someone in your workforce is better than you is not a weakness but a strength you can utilize for everyone’s benefit.

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When the Business Is Suffering Because of You

Micromanaging your business allows you to ensure that you have control over everything related to it. However, it also means that you are dividing your mind and energy over several things at once. Because you have to worry about so many tasks, you might end up making your business suffer. The stress that comes with control will not be worth it, so you will have to give up authority to those who deserve it. You can promote your hardworking employees to a managerial position should you feel that they can handle the task. You can outsource reliable leaders for some of the top leadership vacancies for your company as well.

When You Are Physically Incapacitated

Running a business will be the highlight of your life, especially when you experience levels of success you didn’t expect. However, life can be unpredictable. An accident or an illness might leave you physically incapacitated temporarily, which means your business might end up suffering from a lack of leadership.

Should you find yourself in that situation, you will have to figure out who you should leave in charge of your company. You can pass your authority to your secondary leader to ensure that your company continues to operate. Your condition might also be in a worse state, putting your entire business in uncertainty. It will be necessary to find a lawyer to secure a designation of a health care surrogate should your condition leave you under comatose. A loved one or a family member will be the most suitable option. It will not only be good for your business but also for your recovery.

Despite your efforts to maintain control over your life and business, certain things might be out of your reach. It will be necessary to accept that you have to let go and let someone else take charge, especially in these situations.

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