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Lawyers are impressive, but they can’t do their job alone. They need an army of assistants to make their burden easier. Paralegals are at the top of the list of those assistants. They do much of the grunt work for their boss. But the law is a varied field and there are many types of lawyers out there. This is a good thing for paralegals since it gives them many choices on which lawyer to work with.

Here are some options:

Criminal Defense Lawyer

A very common type of lawyer is the criminal defense lawyer. An integral part of the justice system is the fact that everyone can get a fair trial. This means that there should be lawyers defending those who are accused of wrongdoing. Criminal defense lawyers specialize in this, and they have a lot of work to do that paralegals can help with.

Interviewing witnesses is one example of their duties for such lawyers. For those who want to enter criminal defense, investigative and interpersonal skills are important for this field.

Business Lawyer

There are hundreds of laws that manage the behavior of businesses. This includes everything from liability to employee contracts. For paralegals who want to work in a corporate environment, then assisting a business lawyer can be a good step. A good example of what they handle is the process of becoming a corporation.

Depending on the state, there are a variety of forms to fill up and requirements to meet. A lone attorney won’t be able to handle it all and that is where paralegals come in. They help with filing documents and helping the client do the process right.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

No one wants to file bankruptcy but it might not be possible to avoid it. Considering bankruptcy laws govern the process, having a lawyer help out is essential. There is a lot of paperwork involved when it comes to bankruptcy cases and that is what a paralegal usually handles. This is very important since bankruptcy deadlines are very strict.

If a document is filed late, several negative consequences might happen like severe fines or a case dismissal. Paralegals in this field will have to be meticulous and have knowledge of the local bankruptcy laws.

lawyer with a family
Family Lawyer

The family court covers several cases in which a paralegal could be a big help. The most obvious cases that a paralegal can help in are divorce cases. While it may seem simple, divorce usually involves a complete assessment of the couple’s assets and the lawyer can’t do that while handling all the other aspects of the case.

Paralegals do a lot of legwork in that department. Another family law case in which paralegals are a big help in adoption cases. There is a lot of paperwork involved and they need proper filing. Additionally, looking into the details of the adoption is another thing paralegals can handle.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

One of the backbones of the economy is intellectual property. If an inventor or a creator can’t properly profit from their creations, innovation and creativity would come to a standstill. Intellectual property lawyers help ensure that rights holders can get their fair share. There is a lot of work to be done since IP theft is very common.

For example, the paralegals of a software patent lawyer might have to scour the internet for pirated copies of their clients’ work and send out cease-and-desist letters. That is just one aspect of their duties as they also assist in the various cases that an IP lawyer files.

Immigration Lawyer

Crossing borders legally can be complex, especially if you plan to stay for a long time. This can be because of personal or professional reasons. Moving to another country can be a difficult process and an immigration lawyer can be a big help. Paralegals who are assisting an immigration lawyer will be obtaining documents from embassies and even translating some of them.

They can also act as legal representatives for visa pickups. For paralegals with a second language and a good handle on foreign cultures, this is an ideal job.

The above types of lawyers are just a few examples of who paralegals would be able to work with. With all the many choices out there, a smart paralegal will evaluate which one is the best fit for their talents. Prioritizing a particular field will ensure that you are familiar with the challenges that you will face so that you can better prepare for them. Explore your options and decide on what path your future legal profession will take.

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