Understanding Legal Matters in the Early Stages of a Business


Business owners fulfill many obligations daily, from managing employees, approving contracts, monitoring their sales, and so on. And once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their responsibilities kept piling up. Because aside from overseeing their everyday operations, they would need to comply with the new safety policies that government officials continue to impose. So, if you are planning to enter the industry and establish a venture of your own, how can you keep up?

Consider Legal Matters Early On

Before anything else, aspiring entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that from the moment they come up with a name for their business, legal matters would already enter the picture. This is why it will not be enough that you choose to become an owner simply because you believe that you understand how to capture the public’s attention.

Understandably, one would want to focus more on marketing and generating sales due to the competition nowadays. However, one should also see that they possess the knowledge of business law because this could greatly affect a company in the long run.

Determine the Business Structure

Usually, during the early phases of establishing a business, a plan is what entrepreneurs would focus on since this is what would help set the overall direction. Besides that, owners would need to identify the structure, whether they want to become a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation. No one can predict if a business would succeed in the years to come, so by doing this, you would be able to protect your personal income and assets as well.

Establish a Name

Coming up with a unique name is also crucial for every company, especially since many industry players are now involved. But one should always be careful because trademark can be an issue. With the various businesses around the world, there may be a slight chance that one of those already possesses the name you had in mind. So take the time to do more research.

Prioritize Safety

Once you can accomplish all those, it would be easier to proceed with starting your daily operations. However, since there is a pandemic, your and your employees’ safety needs to be a priority at all times. This is why many companies are now adapting to a work-from-home setup to lessen the chances of getting sick.

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Provide More Incentives

But if a business requires physical labor, such as construction or automotive, of course, one would need their employees to be present. So, the next best thing you can do is increase their benefits, whether by allowing flexible working hours, providing bigger hardship allowances, and so on. If workers cannot report to work because of self-isolation purposes, you should also make sure that you provide them with their statutory sick pay (SSP).

Create a Pandemic Team

With the many tasks one needs to focus on, it may also be ideal for building a crisis management team. Since there are continuous updates regarding health practices, assigning employees to monitor the situation can make it easier to come up with strategies.

For instance, it is already a well-known fact that the COVID-19 virus can linger on surfaces for days. So, common areas should be regularly sanitized. If possible, you should limit the number of people entering the area as well. As for desks and other workstations, one would need to see that employees are always within a six-foot distance.

Ensure a Safe Workplace

However, owners need to keep in mind that aside from the risk of acquiring the virus, employees or anyone who enters the establishment could suffer from physical pain. This is why property managers should always ensure the safety of the workplace. Otherwise, personal injury attorneys would need to get involved.

Taking Responsibility

Everyone needs to strive to make a living, especially during these uncertain times. This is why you may be considering putting up your own business since this could give you the chance to earn a stable income. But one should know that aside from analyzing their competition in the market, legal matters are something that they need to familiarize themselves with beforehand. From the name they establish to the structure that they choose, taking the time to do these could help owners succeed as the days pass.

However, due to the pandemic, you should give more importance to everyone’s well-being as well, whether by increasing benefits or enforcing stricter protocols within the workplace. Because in a way, incorporating all these could also help provide the assurance that one needs.

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