Preparing for the Future: The Essentials You Need to Know for an Early Retirement


Retirement is one of the few peak experiences that everyone can have in their lives. It is a great time of change as we transition from a busy life to a more laid-back life. Unfortunately, however, not many Americans are actually prepared for retirement, despite looking forward to it.

It’s been found that about 64% of Americans aren’t prepared for retirement. Nearly half of these people don’t even know what to do to prepare for retirement. Many more Americans believe that they are adequately prepared for the first five years but lack the necessary income to sustain a meaningful life after that. Additionally, a decent


Our investments play a big role in our retirement, and many financial experts believe that you should have a couple of investments ready if you’re planning to retire early. These investments will help you sustain your life in the future without needing to work ever again.

So you might be asking yourself, isn’t my social security benefits and life insurance enough? If you’re planning to live your life bare minimum (e.g., just eating, sleeping, and staying at home the whole day), then yes, it is, but such a life isn’t motivating. Most Americans require at least $1.7 million in their accounts to retire comfortably. You might think that’s a lot of money, but it isn’t with investments.

Index Funds

First off, you must invest in low-risk but high-yielding investments over time. This comes in the form of index funds. Index funds are a conglomerate of big companies that get your money, invest it into their growth, and pay you through dividends. Since you’re investing in multiple companies, there is little chance that your investment will fail. But it takes much longer before you get your returns.

High-yielding Savings Account

Another good investment is a high-yielding savings account. This particular investment requires you to put thousands of dollars into a constantly increasing savings account. Interest rates may be around 1% to 5% depending on the bank, with some offering so much more if you don’t withdraw from the account. It’s not good if you’re only looking to get money in the short term. But it’s the best kind of investment if you get it by the end of your retirement.

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Checking in with Your Properties

At some point in our lives, we’ll have to choose a retirement plan that suits us. Some retirement plans are made for those who want to retire earlier, while some concentrate more on retiring much later in life. Many law firms specialize in elder law and planning for elderly special needs. They help with retirement plans so that retirees can get the necessary income they need. These law firms also help with estate planning, a process that you need to do if you own multiple properties (e.g., cars, lands, and businesses).

Doing estate planning will help you visualize your will and the management of your estate. Failure to do so will lead to the state handling your estate distribution following two general inheritance laws: the common law and the community law.

Both laws depend on the state you live in. In community law, your spouse gets half of your estate the moment you pass away. The remaining estates will then be distributed as the state sees fit. Your spouse doesn’t get half of your estate in common law, but they get the estate they purchased with their personal income. But they can’t be barred from claiming one-third of your properties. Properties that aren’t claimed in the common law must be purchased if they are to be owned by your family again.

Law firms suggest that you do your estate planning as early as now if you don’t want your family members to live in disarray. Then, by planning the distribution of your properties, you never have to worry about estate problems ever again.

Government Programs for the Elderly

There are many government programs available to you right now to prepare for your retirement. There are the 401k investment plan that most companies have and the high yield savings account that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation offers. Both accounts require you to invest money early into your career to have the money you need for your retirement.

For example, the high yield savings account from the FDIC can give you twenty times the return of a normal savings account. However, they have a law that stops you from withdrawing any money until you’ve reached sixty-three years old. Look into government programs and see which one fits your lifestyle.

Once you look and invest in these retirement essentials, both found in the private and government sectors, you should be able to have enough money for your retirement. Therefore, ensure that you constantly invest in these accounts for maximum gains when you retire.

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