Avoiding a Common Mistake During the Service of Subpeona


While looking over the service of subpoena, it’s important that you look over everything clearly. Here are a few other tips to avoid making mistakes when looking over the service of the subpoena.

It’s important that you fill in all the contact information accurately. This includes the witness’ name and address among other facts. This makes it easier for attorneys to reference things.

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At the end of the subpoena, make sure that you fill in your role regarding the case. You want to avoid having to redo the entire process because you forgot to fill out your role properly. That’s why learning about the process is important.

A common mistake on subpoenas is filling in the wrong box regarding proof of service. Make sure you fill out the proof of service correctly! You can classify the subpoena through mail or personally. You’ll need the correct date, time of service, and address.

It’s important that you explain the records you are looking for in the subpoena. This could mean bank statements, credit card information, or bank stubs. Be aware that business owners have the right to file a motion to object. These service of subpoena tips should help you fill out the document correctly.


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